Spooked By Biodiesel? | Part 2: Technical Workshop

October 29, 2015

In Spooked by Biodieselthis workshop, we’ll dive into the steps it takes to integrate biodiesel into your fleet. We’ll also discuss a variety of technical questions and common misconceptions that some have about biodiesel.

At this workshop, you will:

  • Discover how to easily make the switch to biodiesel in your organization’s fleet
  • Learn best management practices for the maintenance of fleet vehicles and fuel infrastructure
  • Understand the impacts of biodiesel on vehicle performance and OEM warranties
  • Find out where you can procure biodiesel made here in Washington
  • Talk to industry experts, fuel providers and fleets using biodiesel
  • Discuss challenges of using biodiesel today – and strategies to overcome them

Workshop Agenda:

Part 1: Technical Aspects of Using Biodiesel

Part 2: Implementing Biodiesel In Your Fleet

  • Procuring Biodiesel– Scott DeWees, WW Clean Cities
    • Washington fuel market and price trends
    • Fuel availability
    • Comparing costs and benefits of biodiesel
    • Procurement contracts and bidding
  • Model Implementation Plan – Andrea Pratt, City of Seattle, and Scott DeWees, WW Clean Cities
    • Fleet and fuel infrastructure assessment
    • Best management practices
    • City of Seattle Case Study