Workplace Charging For Electric Vehicles

We’ve compiled some information about the benefits of workplace charging, and how to get started.

Electric vehicles (EV) sales rates in Washington are among the highest in the nation, with nearly 18,000 on the road today. As more and more drivers choose electric, having the convenience of charging at work is increasingly an important consideration. Many workplaces are taking notice.

We’ve compiled some information about the benefits of workplace charging, and how to get started.





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You aren’t alone! Many employers across the country are making their workplaces EV-friendly. Here are some examples to inspire.

  • Amping Up California Workplaces: 20 Case Studies on Plug-In Electric Vehicle Charging at Work (2013)
  • 3M Headquarters – The Minneapolis-based company began installing EVSE in 2011, with 42 Level I and two Level II chargers installed to date. A VP with 3M stated, “Installing the latest technology to charge electric vehicles at our corporate headquarters was an easy decision. Innovation is a way of life at 3M, and this is a great way to align our culture with a continued commitment to reduce impact on the environment and underline the connection between 3M values and sustainability.”
  • City of Atlanta – Atlanta, Georgia, has taken several steps to develop workplace charging infrastructure for both City employees and local businesses. Similarly to Seattle, Atlanta is one of the top cities in the country in terms of PEV ownership. Atlanta’s Director of Sustainability noted that “Atlanta has seen tremendous growth in PEV adoption from our citizens, but to meet driver demand, PEV charging locations must be available and accessible at major destinations, such as employment centers.” Currently, Atlanta’s Government Center Parking deck has six chargers for employee use. In addition, local businesses such as Coca-Cola, Southern Company and the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) have also joined the Workplace Charging Challenge.
  • MetLife – This insurance company installed a total of 32 EV charging stations at 14 of its corporate offices. MetLife’s Senior Vice President said of installing EVSE, “Through the Department of Energy’s Workplace Charging Challenge, we have joined with other sustainability-minded companies to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. We are proud to be a part of this national effort to promote alternative transportation. By making PEV charging stations more readily available to employees, we can encourage more people to use PEVs.”
  • – In 2013 Zappos installed four Level II plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging stations. At this time, Zappos did not have a single employee driving an electric vehicle. Within a year, five employees have purchased EVs. One employee said, “Zappos offering charging stations at work was 100% the reason my family decided to buy the electric vehicle we have. Now I am able to easily get to and from work without using any gasoline.” Zappos is currently installing additional charging infrastructure as of 2015, to meet its employee demand.

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