You've found a place to charge an electric vehicle!

Washington is ready, are you?


What is an EVSE?

Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) is defined as all equipment installed to deliver energy to an electric vehicle.

EVSE at the heads of parking stalls allow drivers to fully recharge their vehicle over 4-7 hours or top off a partially charged vehicle before getting back on the road.



Why here?

Location is everything. WWCCC and Puget Sound Regional Council worked with area partners to identify the right places for public EVSEs. Locations were determined by analyzing transportation origin and destination data, demographic information, anticipated use and cost efficiency.

In addition, Washington State Department of Transportation is doing its part to strategically place “quick-charger” stations, which provide an 80% charge in 15 minutes, along the I-5 corridor.

Public charging stations offer convenient access to electric charging in the Puget Sound region. Fleet-only units will provide an infrastructure to support clean and cost-saving vehicles for municipal and government fleets, proving the viability of vehicles that do not need petroleum.


Did you know?

  • Western Washington Clean Cities Coalition funded 123 EVSEs around the Puget Sound?

  • Governor Gregoire convened a State Electric Vehicle Task Force?

  • An EV, even powered by coal, releases less emissions than a gasoline powered car?