General Forms & Process

The list of activities requiring a Notice of Construction/Order of Approval, as well as the types of sources that are exempt, are detailed in Regulation I, Section 6.03 (PDF). If you are unsure which forms apply to your activity, our technical staff is available to assist you.

Process Overview

The Notice of Construction permit process involves the following steps:

Step 1

Submit a complete Notice of Construction application. This must include:

  1. General Information - Form P (PDF)
  2. Environmental Checklist (PDF) - Required unless another government agency has required one, in which case please include that agency’s “Determination of Nonsignificance"
  3. $1,150 filing fee (nonrefundable). The Agency will not process applications received without the filing fee.
  4. Source-specific information, as outlined on our Specific Tool Kits page (PDF files)

Step 2

Within 30 days of submitting a Notice of Construction application and filing fee, air agency engineers will review applications to determine whether they are complete, or whether additional information is needed. Applicants will be assessed a fee for this review.

Step 3

Within 60 days of receiving a complete application, the Clean Air Agency will either issue the permit – known as an Order of Approval - or deny the application in writing. In some cases, an additional 30-day public comment period may be required, pursuant to WAC 173-400-171.


You may request information be kept confidential if it relates to processes unique to your company that could adversely affect the competitive position of your business if released to the public or to a competitor. These items must be clearly identified in your application.